Luis and the Aliens

With his father obsessed with finding proof of extra-terrestrial life, 12-year-old Luis does his best to take care of the house and lead a normal life. Unfortunately the neglect from his father drags Luis’ life down and he’s at risk of being taken away and sent off to a boarding school. When a group of three awkward aliens are drawn to Earth after watching too much of the home-shopping network they inevitably run into Luis. Feeling like he’s finally found a true family, Luis dedicates himself to helping them find their way home so he also can escape his own fate in this wild and wacky out-of-this-world adventure!

  Starring: Will Forte, Lea Thompson, Orlando Leyba, Joey Guila 
  Director: Christoph Lauenstein & Wolfgang Lauenstein
  Genre: Animated, Family, Kids
  Runtime: 83 Minutes
  MPAA Rating: PG

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  1. Rafael
    | Reply

    I want watch

    • Admin
      | Reply

      Hi Rafael,

      Thank you for your interest!! This movie is available on Directv right now. It will be out on home video/digital 9/4/18. It will also be in theaters for a limited period of them. Depending on which city you live in, you can catch this movie on the big screen! Please get in touch with me at and I can answer any further questions you have. Thanks again for your support!

  2. Joshua
    | Reply

    My son loved this movie and waited til the end of the credits for a teaser for a sequel 🙂

    Any chance of a sequel in the future?

    • Admin
      | Reply

      Hi Joshua,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We are very glad to hear that your son enjoyed the movie. Right now we don’t have any news regarding a sequel but we will let you know if we have any updates. Thank you for watching Luis and the Aliens.

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