3 Magic Words

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A woman awakens with amnesia after a suicide attempt, and her quest to find the meaning of life introduces her to a great spiritual philosophy. Her self-discovery becomes a real-life primer in new age consciousness. Starring: Gabriella Ethereal, Debbie Ford, … Read More


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In 1880s Kansas, sharpshooter turned rancher, Clay Travis (Michael Parè), goes from happily married father of two to a man on a mission after the tragic death of his son and the disappearance of his daughter. Determined to bring his … Read More

Mr. Sophistication

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Given a second chance at his dream, washed up comic Ron Waters has to tread the dangerous waters of an affair, a suspicious wife and a return to the world of comedy where this shot may be his last. Starring: … Read More

Not Another Not Another Movie

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Max Storm is the disheartened owner of Sunshine Studios, the worst movie studio on the planet. Threatened by the possibility of going under, Max enlists the help of his gun toting brother Lester and his ex-con friend to lead his … Read More


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Leroy Lowe, grand dragon of the Texas Ku Klux Klan confronts everything he’s been taught to hate when he’s sentenced to three years of hard labor on a prison work farm, where Warden Merville, dead set on rehabilitating Leroy, chooses … Read More

When Harry Tries To Marry

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Harry is a New York bachelor cynical about “true love” ever since his parents divorce. Determined to live happily-ever-after, and not end up as another divorce statistic, he asks for help from his match-making uncle. This traditional arranged marriage to … Read More


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An American expat helps transform a young man’s life by encouraging him to unleash his inner hero and fight against injustice and corporate greed. Starring: Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu Director: Dayyan Eng Genre: Drama, International, Mystery Runtime: 1 hour, 36 … Read More


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A snapshot in time-the film chronicles the story behind the 1955 LIFE magazine photo thread by Dennis Stock of then-rising star, James Dean, and gives us an inside look at some of Hollywood’s most iconic images and into the life … Read More


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A modern fable set against the rugged backdrop of a Pacific Northwest logging community, this is the story of Lillian, a young woman newly returned to her hometown who becomes the subject of harassment by a man named Blackway, an … Read More

Living the Fantasy

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Watch as amateurs become professionals and take you deep into the high stakes, high pressure, number crunching, world of weekly fantasy football in this edge of your seat documentary narrated by sports enthusiast Michael Rapaport. What began with just a … Read More

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