Felix and the Hidden Treasure

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Convinced that his father, who had disappeared at sea two years earlier, is still alive, the 12-year-old Felix sets out to find him in the company of Old Tom, a retired fisherman, Squawk, the one-legged parrot and Rover, a cat … Read More

100% Wolf

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100% Wolf centers on Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves. Positive he’ll become the most fearsome werewolf ever, Freddy is in for a shock when his first “warfing” goes awry, turning him into a ferocious – … Read More

Spy Cat

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Marnie, a pampered house cat, trades a life of luxury for a new adventure as a private eye. With help from new friends and her favorite detective TV shows, Marnie sets out to solve a mystery and prove she’s more … Read More

Terra Willy

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TERRA WILLY tells the story of a young boy who crash lands on a wild and unexplored planet after he is separated from his parents following the destruction of their spaceship. With the help of Buck, a survival robot, and … Read More

Ice Princess Lily

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A young dragon looking for his own fire must fight against an evil wizard with help of the beautiful ice princess, Lily. Starring: Mackenzie Ziegler,Cameron Ansell, Kristin Fairlie, Benedict Campbell Director: Sven Unterwaldt Jr. Genre: Animated, Family, Kids Runtime: 90 Minutes … Read More


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A cat named Blanket lives in the city with his son, Cape. One day, Cape decides to leave home and embarks on an adventure to find the legendary cat’s paradise. To find his son, Blanket must overcome his fear and … Read More

Stardog & Turbocat

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A loyal dog and a vigilante cat embark on a space age voyage to find their way home. Starring: Charli D’Amelio, Luke Evans, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy Director: Ben Smith Genre: Animated, Family, Kids Runtime: 90 Minutes MPAA … Read More

Selfie Man

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Julia, an online vlogger from Germany, comes to the US to visit her cousin Hannah. Upon her arrival, Julia falls fatefully ill, prompting Hannah’s suspicion of the strange and sudden illness. When unusual happenings take place in her home, Hannah … Read More


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When he gets separated from his family, Ploey, a young flightless plover chick, must undertake a dangerous journey to a legendary valley in order to save his loved ones from falling prey to the evil falcon. Starring: John Stamos, Sean Astin, Jerry … Read More

Legend of Hallowaiian

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It is Hallowaiian on the Big Island of Hawaii, so excitement and mischief are in the air. Three young friends, Kai, Eddie and Leilani uncover a mysterious idol in a secret cave whilst catching some waves at sunset. They quickly … Read More

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